"If it wasn’t for the Jean-Jacques Laffont fellowship in 2015, I could not have started my PhD at the Toulouse School of Economics. The grant allowed me to focus on reading and studying, instead of having to juggle with a side job (or becoming a notorious Fermier Général like Lavoisier did!). I am currently in the 2nd year of the PhD and researching how algorithms and platforms affect the economy, consequently, how to design and regulate them." Rossi Abi-Rafeh


  "I was delighted to receive the scholarship provided by Fondation Jean-Jacques Laffont. As a young student of Economics, I had always been keen to participate in the cutting-edge research that takes place at Toulouse School of Economics and Fondation JJL has given me an excellent avenue to be able to accomplish this. Being from a developing country, without this assistance, it would have been nearly impossible for me to fund my studies. After completing the M2 ETE, I wish to continue on to the doctoral program in Economics at TSE, hoping to contribute eventually to the literature on empirical Industrial organisation." Shreeti Vatsala


    "I am originally from Brazil, where I did my first studies in economics and discovered the fields that interest me the most: public economics, taxation, regulation... In short: how government intervention impacts the economy (and society) and what can be done to improve it or minimize its costs. Undecided whether I was more interested in research or policy-making, I did not come straight from my bachelor's program into a PhD. First I worked at the finance ministry of my home state in Brazil, São Paulo. Later I did a Master in Economics at Tilburg University, and worked for a consultancy company specialized in European policy making. But more and more I felt that my skills and interests directed me towards an academic career, and I applied to the doctoral program at Toulouse School of Economics. 
The school is particularly renowned for contributions in the field of regulation and industrial organization (fields in which Jean-Jacques Laffont and Jean Tirole wrote seminal works). Moreover, it has a large group of professors and researchers interested in policy areas such as environmental economics and taxation. All of that attracted long before I considered applying to a PhD at TSE. When I finally did apply, the decision to come into this stimulating and challenging environment was made possible through the support of the Association Jean-Jacques Laffont. I benefited from the scholarship and the helpful orientation given by the staff at the university concerned by the Association Jean-Jacques Laffont, to whom I am very thankful. I am happy and honoured to benefit from the support of the Jean-Jacques Laffont scholarship and have my period in Toulouse attached to the name of a leading figure for this school and the field of economics. I hope to be able to continue my doctoral studies here and learn from great researchers how to become one of them." 
Ferreira Da Silva Filho Alipio

  "I'm an Egyptian student and my country is witnessing a deep economic crisis. Without the scholarship, I really wouldn't be able to be here in Toulouse studying in one of the top economic school worldwide and I wouldn't be able to experience the beautiful student life in France. I'm thankful to everyone in the association who granted me this opportunity.". Ola ElToukhi