Many tributes have been made to Jean-Jacques since his death, by his colleagues or his students. Each year, the Jean-Jacques Laffont prize is awarded to an outstanding economist whose research is in the spirit of Jean-Jacques's work, combining both theoretical and empirical aspects.


  •      21st August 2004, Madrid

During the congress of the European Economic Association, Salvador Barbera made a tribute to his friend, Jean-Jacques Laffont. He awarded him posthumously, in the name of the King of Spain, Juan Carlos 1, the prestigious distinction Encomienda con placa de Alfonso X El Sabio. The ceremony was very moving.


  •    15th November 2004, Los Angeles

The University of Southern California (USC) wanted to make a strong tribute to Jean-Jacques, Distinguished Professor Elliott Chair in Economics, by organizing a ceremony the 15th November 2004. The Memorial Ceremony was very touching and dignified. Many speakers made the trip to USC to pay tribute to their friend and colleague.

Quang Vuong was the Master of Ceremonies. The Dean, Mr Aoun, said several words before handing over to Robert Deckle, Chairman of the department of Economy, and to Hashem Pesaran, Director of USC Institute for International Economic Policy Research.

Those who have also paid tribute:

Christian Gollier, Jerry GreenEric Maskin Marcel Boyer, Philippe Aghion, Charlotte Laffont, Thomas Palfrey, Elhanan Helpman, Charley Plott. Nicholas Stern and Jacques Crémer also sent moving letters.

Colette Laffont and her children prepared a selection of photos showing all the happy days they spent together along with music that Jean-Jacques loved. The family thanked the Professor of Oncology David Quinn who made a tribute to his friend. Thanks to the advanced treatments at the hospital of USC, Jean-Jacques was able to enjoy some extra months of happiness.


  • 10 December 2004, Paris

Le Seminar Jules Dupuit, under the presidency of Marcel Boiteux, paid tribute to Jean-Jacques during a special seminar at Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées.

The speakers were:

- David Martimort (IDEI)
- Jean-Paul Bouttes (Representative of industrial strategy, EDF)
- Nicolas Curien (Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers)
- Paul Champsaur (President of the Authority of the body of telecommunications)


  • 23 May 2005, Amsterdam

During the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics which was held in Amsterdam, a special tribute was made to Jean-Jacques during a session presided over by Antonio Estache, economic adviser to The World Bank.

The speakers were: Paul Seabright (IDEI, Toulouse); Wali Wayne (World Bank): "Corruption, Collusion & Development"; Anastasia Kartasheva (Georgia State University ): "Financing development"; Lucia Quesada (Argentine); Xinzhu Zhang (Pékin -Beijing): "Jean-Jacques Laffont’s Contributions and Impacts in China".


  • 25 May 2005, Tunis

The University of Tunis paid a stirring tribute to Jean-Jacques. The President of the University went into much detail about the strong ties which exist between Jean-Jacques and Tunisia since more than 20 years.

Bernard Belloc, Mohammed Matoussi and Colette Laffont also spoke.

Jean Tirole brought the morning to an end with a conference. The afternoon, Jean Tirole continued with Jean-Jacques's tradition by meeting with the students.

- Jean Tirole's conferences:

"Determinants of debt capacity - 1st set of transparencies"
"Multistage financing : liquidity ratios, soft budget constraint, free cash flow, risk management - 2nd set of transparencies"
"The Industrial Organization and Regulation of Platform Industries"


  • 26 May 2005, Hammamet

The journées de Micro Economie Appliquée were held in Hammamet the 26, 27 and 28 May 2005.

The Minister of higher education made a tribute to Jean-Jacques during the Congress inauguration. The President of the association of microeconomics Louis Lévy-Garboua, also spoke of Jean-Jacques's work.

Jean Tirole delivered the inaugural conference during the plenary session, which enabled him once more, to pay tribute to his friend.

- "Incentives and prosocial behavior" Jean Tirole, Roland Bénabou.


  •    30 June 1-2 July 2005, Toulouse

A major international conference was organized in respect for Jean-Jacques in Toulouse. More than 500 participants attended from all over the world. The program was one of the most prestigious. The conference brought together scientific excellence and conviviality, just like Jean-Jacques loved.

The plenary sessions were successfully delivered by: David Martimort, Ariel Pakes, Eric Maskin, Steve Morris, Pierre-André Chiappori.
The round tables had the following themes:

Competition Policy and the dynamism of our Economics
Risk Sharing and the Welfare State
Development and World Inequalities

Jean-Jacques actually broached nearly 160 communications on various themes during his career, these were also presented.

A solemn service was dedicated to the memory of Jean-Jacques:  Roger Guesnerie, Paul Champsaur, Paul Joskow along with Bénédicte Laffont spoke of his work and his personality, at which time photos of happy days were projected.

The 30 June, the Mayor of Toulouse invited the delegates to the Mairie of Toulouse. Jean-Jacques was posthumously awarded the Médaille de la Ville de Toulouse.

The Mayor also announced the creation of the International Prize for Economy of the city of Toulouse, the Jean-Jacques Laffont prize which is awarded to an outstanding economist every October. During this reception, Bernard Belloc and Colette Laffont spoke.


  •    2 November 2005, Inauguration of the JJ Laffont Wing and Academic Palms

Peter Diamond held a remarkable conference: the audience was invited to the Hall of the Manufacture des Tabacs for the inauguration of the Jean-Jacques Laffont Wing, previously known as the F building.

Jean-Jacques's children and grandchildren unveiled a magnificent glass plaque with a beautiful photo of Jean-Jacques.

Mr Roussillon, President of the University rewarded Jean-Jacques with Academic Palms posthumously.


  •    November 2012, Los Angeles

In 2012, the University of Southern California (USC), created a new experimental laboratory in economy "The Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory" (LABEL), in honor of Jean-Jacques Laffont. This laboratory is the initiative of two former colleagues of Jean-Jacques's, Isabelle Brocas and Juan Carrillo, currently economic professors at USC. The laboratory is used for experimental research on international interactions and strategic decision making.

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  •      November 2014 - March 2015, A series of seminars in honor of Jean-Jacques Laffont

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Jean-Jacques Laffont's passing (1947-2004), The Toulouse School of Economics (TSE) organized over the academic year 2014-2015, a series of seminars in respect to his work and the legacy of his research. Antonio Estache, Ivar Ekeland, Marcel Boyer, Richard Kihlstrom, Jerry Green and Matt Shum were present in Toulouse along with the scientific community of researchers at TSE, and they presented Jean Jacques's precious research.

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